→ Dear Skyblue,

Hi. I like you. Really. But I don’t want you to know because first of all we’re blockmates. I know that it’d be awkward for both you and me. Add the fact that our other blockmates would tease us ‘til death. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable or irritated. That’s why it’s okay for me to just look at you and admire you from a distance. And besides, you’re already being linked to one of our classmates(ouch) , because he somehow confessed to you  in an indirect way. I wish I had that kind of courage, but I don’t (medyo torpe). I’m content that we’re friends now and I don’t want to ruin that for the sake of telling you how I feel. I think that it’s too much of a risk. Hahah.

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→ Dear “real-life” friends.

You found my blog. Great. Now you get to see how I express myself and now you know how different I am here from the “real” me. It’s okay if you read stuff here, but please never ever mention what you see here whenever we see each other or we have meet-ups. If you do, I’ll ignore what you said and act as if nothing happened. And please, stop with the trolling like sending anonymous messages. Really. It’s annoying



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Anonymous: Kuya V, bkit po di ka na active? :( Nkakamiss po yung posts mo sa dash. Post ka na ulit pls. :))

Hello dear Anon :) Sorry for being inactive and not posting anything but the truth is I don’t feel like writing anymore. I feel like I’ve shared and posted what I can and that I’ve reached my limit. I was thinking of deactivating my account but some of my friends here tell me that it’s not worth it. I don’t know why I don’t feel like writing. Maybe I lack inspiration or I just can’t do it anymore. Plus, I don’t want to just post, you know? Quality over quantity. I want my posts to be worth reading. Sorry. Anyway, feel free to hit the unfollow button if you want to :) Good day.

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Smile. The world needs more beautiful things in it.
- V (via escafeism)
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I’ve swallowed my pride for you too many times that the last time I checked, there was nothing left for me to swallow.
- V
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Tell me just how easy it was for you to forget about me. How easy it was for you to throw everything we had away. Tell me how you easily got over me.
- V
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We make superficially happy imaginations from mundanely sad situations.
- V
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"Sabaw" for more than a week now. It’s so hard not to have any inspiration at all to post anything.

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Anonymous: Anong tingin mo sa babaeng lumalandi ng madaming lalaki

Syempre di okay. Natural naman sa babae ang mag flirt pero sana naman sa isang lalaki lang tsaka dun sa talagang interesado siya. Pangit tignan ng babaeng maraming nilalandi. :)

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omargooodness replied to your post: anonymous asked:Bae wag mo naman …

hayy landi hahahahahaha

Ayan anon lagot ka pinagselos mo si Kuya Omar. Wag ka na magselos pls :P hahahah

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Anonymous: Bae wag mo naman sana ko itanggi pls 💔

Alas my love, if I ever meet you - and I know I will, someday- there won’t be a day where I’d be ashamed about you. :) hahahah. Tulog na anon. Lakas ng trip oh :)

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Whenever I start reading the last few chapters of a book, I find myself reading the words slower. I take in the paragraph slower. I read and savor each metaphor, allusion, hyperbole or synecdoche the author used. This is because I want to remember every word and every moment the characters are having in the book. I want to feel what they’re feeling at that particular moment, after they’ve been through one hell of an adventure. With that I had a realization; the same goes with life. We cherish the moments that we know are about to end in the near future.

Farewell parties. Graduations. Funerals. These are a few of the things we remember when we begin to part ways with the people we know. We cherish these parting moments because a little part of us just knows that these happenings may not happen again. A little part of us saying that we must make amends, tie loose ends, and apologize to a particular person because we may never have the chance to do so again. We sometimes wish that these parting moments would just last forever. We want to live in these parting moments, because we never felt this close to a certain person. We live it because we may never see them again forever.

Sometimes, during those moments where a person close to us leaves, we feel regret. We feel regret we never got the chance to tell them how much they mean to us. Did we really never get the chance or we just took those moments for granted, thinking that we still have more time with said person. But before you know it, they’re leaving, or worse, they’ve already gone without saying goodbye.

The truth is we shouldn’t feel regret if we have been true to that person. It’s because you’ve been true and your words were genuine right from the beginning of your adventure with him. Yes, you will miss him, but there should be no regrets.

People will leave in the end. It’s either someone leaves you or the other way around. You’re in a chapter in their life, and it’s time for them to start another chapter. Even though you’re no longer included in the next chapter in their life, remember that- no matter how little- you helped develop their character and move along the plot in their story.

- V, On Reading Books (via escafeism)
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Anonymous: Diba sa circle of friends, may iba't ibang type ng tao dun. May popu friend, athletic friend, pretty friend, ugly friend, shy friend & so on. Why am I always the ugly friend? Ano bang dapat kong gawin? I feel so low when I'm with my friends po kasi e. Hay. Thanks V! <3 Btw, what's with V? Bakit V? eh sabi mo you're name starts with K?

I don’t think that there should be an ugly friend in the circle. You’re beautiful in your own special way anon. :) Smile ka na :) hahah. I said it has a “K” in it ;) V is just a nickname or whatever hahahah

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Anonymous: Bat ang awesome mo po :((( I LOVE YOU NA HIHIHIHI <3

Your hormomes are raging again anon :) hahahh. Kidding :). Di po ako awesome. I’m just a simple guy trying to express what he feels :) I love you too. hahahah! :P

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I thought that by being an anon blogger, I could escape the judgment of others. And damn it was I so wrong.

PEOPLE WILL  FUCKING JUDGE YOU. No matter what. They’ll judge your face, your actions, and anything that they notice about you. Judging others is a part of being human. There are some who judge discreetly or they keep their thoughts to themselves. There are others who judge you, tell you straight up what they find different about you, but say it in a nice way. The worst kind of judgment is the most hurtful one. They judge you, even though they don’t know you at all and they don’t know your story. This hurts for me the most because sometimes I know that I’ve done nothing wrong, yet I feel that just by being myself, I’ve made the world worse.

Before you speak out what you think of others, just make sure that you know what they’ve been through or at the very least you know them. We’re human. We are called so because we are better than animals. We have higher thinking abilities than they do. If you judge someone without using your brain aren’t you somewhat nothing more than a savage brute?

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